August 14th, 2019

Your Vision, Powered by Uhuru

Every project we take on is unique—from the team, to the discovery process, to the design. It’s this tailored approach to each project that allows us to create exceptional, brand-specific furniture solutions for our clients.

At Uhuru, we’re here to help your brand stand out. Whether you’re looking to adapt a standard design, find a manufacturing solution, or develop your furniture standards, we’re here to help you realize those goals.


Shake Shack HQ, New York City


Modify the color, profile, finish, upholstery of an Uhuru piece to make your own exclusive design. Additionally, our MINIM Workplace collection offers products in customizable elements, easily adaptable for any office configuration or interior aesthetic.

We outfitted Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters by adapting elements of our Minim Workplace collection. This included adapted split-base benching workstations and storage for over 200 team members, pre-configured Frame desks and returns for private office layouts, custom conference tables, huddle tables, and a statement live-edge walnut reception desk.

Upper: Ace Pittsburgh; Lower: Ace Chicago


We started out as makers, and have over fifteen years of experience manufacturing OEM designs and providing custom furniture solutions. With an expert team and supply chain, we have the right domestic and overseas resources to manufacture small to large volume projects.

Ace Hotels and their interior designers came to us to help manufacture their designs. We produced over 9,000 pieces of guest room and outdoor furniture for Ace NOLA, Pittsburgh and Chicago, with designs specific to each location’s boutique concept.

Sweetgreen, Santa Monica, CA


Informed by your larger vision, we create products, furniture, and fixtures that align with your company’s mission. This collaboration is great for brands with several locations looking to achieve a cohesive interior and furniture design language.

We have designed, developed, and delivered over 15,000 chairs for Shake Shack globally; designed and produced all of Sweetgreen’s furniture for their initial nationwide rollout, and delivered proprietary designs for elevated airport operator OTG in Newark, Houston, and Toronto.

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