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Uhuru Design is the Brooklyn-based New American furniture design firm specializing in bespoke residential and high-end commercial furniture.  Founded in 2004, Uhuru gained attention for its sustainable approach, utilizing reclaimed and found materials through a narrative design process. This design approach generated collections in the Smithsonian and Brooklyn Museums among many others, positioning Uhuru at the forefront of New American Design and contributing to popularizing the “Brooklyn” aesthetic.  Uhuru scaled from bespoke residential to mass office furniture, evolving with the growing New York and West Coast startup and commercial real estate scenes, and the “resimmercial” office aesthetic.  Uhuru focuses on delivering accessible design to mission-driven clients across residential, hospitality, fast casual, office, co-working, architecture, and interior design landscapes.


We believe that storytelling through design has the power to shape and change our world.

This is evident in our narrative design process that highlights the creative reuse of storied and naturally weathered materials. As leaders of New American Design, we are committed to the sustainable fabrication of exceptional quality furniture, one piece at a time.


    As members of the Uhuru crew, we create and cultivate new and innovative ideas from every seat and function.  We are empowered to be free from constraints and the old ways of thinking.  We are disruptors.  Uhuru means Freedom in Swahili. Freedom is in our DNA, it’s who we are, and is the essence of what we do. Freedom means the ability to think, design and build a new and better future for ourselves. We challenge the status quo, and recognize that our brand is a function of our attitude. We are the proud leaders of New American Design, born in Brooklyn to challenge the traditional way of thinking about design.

    At Uhuru we do more with less and don’t take “no” for an answer.  We are scrappy by nature and have a “can do” attitude. Everything that we do is evaluated for efficiency and speed. We commit to hire and invest in the best people and processes and create a culture where we can win.

    We are accountable to our community, our customers, the environment, and ourselves. We act with integrity and dedication to the crew, the brand, and New American Design. We strive to design and manufacture sustainable products at scale that meet industry leading green certifications and set the standard for environmentally conscious furniture. We challenge the industry’s struggling sense of sustainability.

    Circular, conscious, continual. Our approach to supply chain and distribution is focused on continual process improvement and excellent client service. Great service is our best sales tool and the path to sustaining our brands.

    At Uhuru we are lifetime learners.  We strive to continually improve in all that we do. We are focused on our trade, and we are masters of our craft.  We strive everyday to be the best that we can, to foster a community of learning, continuous improvement, and excellence. We encourage our employees to grow personally and professionally, to challenge the status quo, and to expand our collective skills and capabilities as an organization.


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Uhuru showroom

27 West 24th Street #1002
New York, NY 10010
By appointment only: hi@unionsquarefc.com


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  • Since 2004, we’ve creatively reused wood and metal, sourced from the best vendors, fine-tuned nuanced finishes, and adapted century-old treatments for our designs. Take a closer look at our selection of carefully crafted finishes and materials, all contract grade and durable for commercial use.

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