Shake Shack Restaurants

Uhuru's partnership with Shake Shack began with developing a single chair. Since that eventful collaboration, Uhuru has concepted, designed, and built an exclusive line of tables, chairs, and banquettes for the quickly expanding, NY-based burger & fries joint. Today, Uhuru's designs are featured in all of Shake Shack's US locations, and globally, from Abu Dhabi to Tokyo.

For Shake Shack's NYC Fulton Center location, Shake Shack contracted Uhuru to concept and produce their furniture for their new lower Manhattan restaurant. The project included a complete interiors package with custom furniture and unique 'split rail' lighting fixtures. The 4,000 square foot space in the transit hub's 2nd floor roundabout was reimagined with sustainable hardwood detailing, elegant lighting, and a minimal geometrical layout that reflects the angular walls of the architecture.