War Craft Collection

Launched during ICFF 2011, the War Craft Collection was built from teak reclaimed from the deck of the decommissioned USS North Carolina. The battleship was built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the late 1930's, commissioned for service during World War II, and stands as one of the most decorated battleships in US naval history. Its sleek, uncluttered design set a new precedent for all future ships. Each piece of the War Craft Collection explores different elements of the battleshipthe Dazzle coffee table wears an interpretation of the camouflage pattern painted to confuse enemies, the legs of the B-55 Rocker mimic the curves of the ship's hull and bridge tower, while the base of the 16/45 end table alludes to the massive bullet diameters held onboard. Deeply engaged with the history surrounding the ship, the War Craft Collection exemplifies the massive scale and violent nature of modern warcraft, and pays homage to those lost during its campaigns.