Tack Collection

Inspired by the minimalist work of Donald Judd and Tadao Ando, the eight-piece Tack Line emphasizes the raw texture and quality of hand-blackened steel through elegant and deliberate forms. Each piece, with its varying planes and angles, interacts with light differently, revealing each plate's nuances in texture, edge quality, and materiality. The forms are constructed with no visible welds or hardware, so angles seamlessly flow into one another as they change planes or intersect.

While many Uhuru designs explore the synergy of multiple materials, the Tack collection's intention was to strip away textures down to just one, and focus on its character depth. The expression of these forms in their barest essence also highlights a unique perspective 'between the lines', shining a new light on the pieces' negative spaces.

The Tack collection was originally concepted in hand blackened steel, but Uhuru's newest exploration showcases a refreshing palette in powder coated aluminum. There are also three custom brass finishes in bright, black, and antiqued brass for a more luxe offering.