March 29th, 2019

Minim Rise, sit-to-stand meets timeless design

When we designed MINIM RISE, our intention was to develop a sit-to-stand capable desk system that did not inherently look like one. We wanted MINIM RISE to be easy to use, have flexible power and data options, without sacrificing minimal and beautiful design.

Seat Stand


The MINIM RISE electrical platform offers a range of power and data options, all hidden beneath a sleek flip-top lid. Specially engineered drag chains cleverly consolidate and conceal cords in any position.

Control at your fingertips

With the push of a button, you can smoothly adjust the desk height from 27”H to 47”H for sitting and standing comfort. RISE incorporates industry-leading electronic lifters into its sturdy steel base for whisper-quiet height adjustability. Our newest control pad allows you to save preset heights and have the option of remotely activating your desk positions from your phone.

Grow as you go

Only part of your team need RISE desks? The MINIM benching system has the unique ability to incorporate both fixed height and RISE sit-to-stand workstations. The system also has the ability to switch out lifters so your team can decide to incorporate RISE sit-to-stand capabilities at a later time. The RISE system is available in several desk widths, configurable for up to 12 desks per cluster, and customizable in standard wood and metal finishes.