Our Contract division is designed for workplace projects, enterprise solutions, wholesale, and custom product development.

Contract Solutions


With the growth of our contract division, we developed a modern office collection that stands up to Uhuru’s timeless aesthetic and the commercial usage of the work space.

Our MINIM Workplace line offers standard products in customizable configurations, easily adaptable for any office environment.

Product Design

Uhuru develops custom and OEM furniture designs for mission driven brands across a range of industries- from hotels, workplace, retail, museums, and more. Uhuru has over fifteen years of experience in concept development, prototyping, and production. Our process is informed by a brand’s larger design vision. We then create products and build brand-specific packages with the expertise of our 60+ person team of industrial designers, design engineers, project managers, logistic specialists, wood and metal workers.

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We have a strong sustainability initiative that starts with thoughtful sourcing and procurement. Even with large scale manufacturing, we choose to work with FSC certified veneer wood with no added formaldehyde in the surfaces, and sustainably innovative coatings such as plant based oil finishes. We also use recycled steel and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) powder coat finishes. From hotel room-in-a-box to high-end lobby furniture to 400 seat offices, our contract division delivers quality assured and sustainably produced projects.

Custom Manufacturing

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we design with the entire supply chain in mind. Our different manufacturing arms allow us to efficiently allocate work based on timing, volume, and material origins.

Built in America’s furniture manufacturing heartland, our 50,000 sq. foot Pennsylvania factory is housed in a renovated shoe factory built 120 years ago. Our team consists of more than 30 metal and wood craftsmen, capable of producing low and higher volumes of standard and custom furniture.

Our international manufacturing division has limitless production capabilities and lives up to Uhuru’s exceptional standards. Our facilities in Asia are home to some of the most socially innovative and environmentally sustainable manufacturing in the region.